Category: Adware


How to remove Premier Opinion

Premier Opinion is an adware program developed by VoiceFive Inc for hijacking web browsers and displays ads and saving coupons. It helps publisher to make money from your clicks on promoted stuff.


How to remove Crime Watch

Crime Watch – is a rogue program for sharing that comes packed with adware that displays ads in your web browsers and tracks your activities. This program is often installed without user’s consent along with free programs from websites that employ bundling practices for monetizing.


How to remove Sharp Angle

Sharp Angle is a free program that displays ads and deals in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Sharp Angle owners get paid for your clicks on promoted ads, and Sharp Angle distributors get some income for installed instances of Sharp Angle adware.


How to remove TidyNetwork

TidyNetwork – is a deceptive web-browser extension, which claims to improve user’s browser. While it is not malicious application, it comes with adware that cause popup ads in web browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Adware wastes web traffic and compromises user’s privacy by spying on web browsing history.


How to remove Play Pop Games

Play Pop Games adware is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) responsible for ads, deals, coupons, and pop-ups displayed in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This happens if Play Pop Games adware infected your computer when you installed it yourself, or got it installed with a free program that you download.


How to remove High Unite

High Unite popups might annoy people, and often they don’t know how High Unite was installed. Removing High Unite is not as easy as removal of other programs, and people think that High Unite virus somehow infected computer. Actualy, High Unite is not a virus, and it was installed in a legitimate way.


How to remove Kaboom Travel

Kaboom Travel is an extension for web browsers promoted as a service that helps to save money. It displays saving coupons from sellers that use Kaboom Travel services for promotion. Any time when a user goes for online shopping and visit known web stores, Kaboom Travel displays saving coupons with competitive price offer and tries to get more customers for promoted companies.


How to remove Movie Megs

Movie Megs – is a free and deceptive web-browser application for watching live TV broadcasts on popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) and downloading video files. Though, it is not as free as one might expect.


How to remove Weather Grind

Weather Grind adware is a legitimate web browser add-on platform for displaying and printing saving coupons. This coupons are served when a user goes for online shopping or visit online stores. Some users might find this service very helpful and willingly install Weather Grind to their computers.


How to remove Celebrity Alert

Celebrity Alert is an adware program that displays ads and coupons in a pop-up box on hijacked web browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This happens any time when computer users visit big shopping web sites like Walmart, Amazon, eBay and so on.