Category: Adware


How to remove YouBoost

YouBoost is an adware program that provide short-cut links to popular user activities like games, videos, social networks, and like. Though, it comes along with ads, coupons and different sales-proposal pop-ups appeared in popular web browsers. Those advertisements redirect user to suspicious websites.


How to remove WebShoppy

WebShoppy is an adware program that will display ads in your Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. You can notice popup ads signed as “Ads by WebShoppy”. Those ads may redirect user to potentially malicious websites, this is why people classify it as adware.


How to remove Jungle Gamer

Jungle Gamer is a gaming web-browser application, that supports major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. However, games are ad-supported and some bundled adware can be also installed on your computer. Jungle Gamer might also suddenly appear in your web browser after you install other free program from the web.


How to remove BuzzingDhol

BuzzingDhol is an adware program that displays ads in hijacked Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. It provides a toolbar with some shortcut buttons to popular websites, but the first purpose of this program is to sell and advertise for income.


How to remove FVP Image Viewer

VP Image Viewer is a rogue web-browser application for zooming images on websites. It can be installed on major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. While this application is quite handy, it uses monetizing scheme that most of people find annoying and unwanted addition to free programs they download.


How to remove SosoDesk

SosoDesk adware is not a virus as some people think. It is a legitimate add-on for popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) that serves information about online deals and savings. Some user might be very interested in such service and they install this plugin by themselves.


How to remove SunnyDay-Apps

SunnyDay-Apps is not a virus as frustrated people might think if they do not notice the moment when it was installed along with some free content. People do not yet well accustomed to tricky ways of business when a bunch of unneeded programs is automatically installed unless a user notice and explicitly declines optional installation.


How to remove Gaming Wonderland

Gaming Wonderland is a wide-spread adware which claims to allow user to play videogames at browsers. Gaming Wonderland adware is responsible for ads displayed in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. It is not a virus, but it can suddenly appear in your web browser because the installation might be deceptive.


How to remove EverRewards

EverRewards is an adware program that displays ads and saving coupons for computer users that shop online and visit well-known shopping web sites. This adware hijacks Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other web browsers, and it is a main problem if you try to remove EverRewards from your computer.


How to remove Ahoy Traveler

Ahoy Traveler is adware that injects promoted online deals and saving coupons for computer users that are shopping online or visiting websites like amazon, eBay, etc. Usually, this program is downloaded with different free content because a user do not scrutinizes installers, EULA and other documents.