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Chrominio Message Center is a malware, that also may be called fake-updater. Fake-updater is quite harmful thing, as it can spam user’s computer with tons of malware or even dangerous viruses. For example, a lot of encryptors are using this type of malware in order to bypass anti-viruses and infect all the data. The thing is, Chrominio Message Center is trying hide malware invasion under the mask of popular Google browser. Let’s make it clear – do not let this malware put off your guard. We recommend you to remove Chrominio Message Center. Important fact – this malware is able to infect both Windows and Mac users, that’s why you may find instructions for both.

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If your browser is redirecting you to this page – – and you can’t make it stop, then your computer is probably infected with malware! is a rogue application, that will force a lot of redirect in your web browser and display third-party advertisement, that’s why it is so annoying. You may also be redirected to some unsafe website, that can affect your system and browser in a malicious way. In this article you may learn how to remove redirect.