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How to remove Pop-up – is a typical website, which generates ads for displaying on different webpages. It is possible via special software, which infects personal computers. After infecting, user may notice pop-up ads, which are related to


How to remove WikiBuy

WikiBuy Adware is installed along with a program that helps users to find best deals and offers at online shop websites. This application is quite popular but many people get it along with other free programs.


How to remove SurfBuyer (Mac)

SurfBuyer – is a common adware, which is responsible for ads, deals, coupons and pop-ups displayed in your Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


How to remove BTC ransomware and decrypt .btc files

BTC ransomware – is a typical ransomware, which corrupts user’s files and documents and after asks money for “cure”. Mainly, BTC ransomware infects personal computers via e-mail attachments.