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How to remove GANDCRAB 5.0.5 Ransomware and recover your files

GANDCRAB 5.0.5 ransomware is a fifth version of GandCrab 5 ransomware. Cyber criminals create new versions of the ransomware in order to increase their revenue by developing new ways of virus distribution and bypassing of anti-virus applications. GANDCRAB 5.0.5 Ransomware can encode most of important files on a computer. Encryption is blocking any access to the file, that’s why ransomware viruses is critical and considered to be very dangerous. If your computer is infected with GANDCRAB 5.0.5 ransomware, you may use this guide to remove GANDCRAB 5.0.5 ransomware and decrypt GANDCRAB 5.0.5 files.


How to remove Linkey search from Mac

Linkey is a fake search engine, that is designed to hijack and take control over your browser. Linkey is able to change your homepage and search engine without any permission. This hijacker have modified your browser settings and changed search engine to generate revenue and traffic. You may also be redirected to some unsafe website, that can affect your system and browser in a malicious way. Use this guide to remove Linkey from Safari and Google Chrome. You may also find instructions for IE and Mozilla Firefox.


How to remove HiddenBeer Ransomware and decrypt .beer files

HiddenBeer is a new crypto-virus, that will encipher vulnerable data like images, audios, texts, documents (you may find more detailed list of vulnerable to this ransomware files below) and blackmail a victim. Cyber crooks will offer their “decryption” service in exchange for big sum of money. More than that, there is no guarantee that they will help their victim. If you have this crypto-virus on your computer, use this guide to remove HiddenBeer ransomware and restore .HiddenBeer files without paying anything.


How to remove SOLO Ransomware and decrypt .SOLO files

SOLO is a ransomware, that is mainly targeting German users. It will encrypt all sensitive files (videos, photos, documents) and ask for ransom in order to recover them. The whole point of ransomware viruses is to get money from a victim. In case your computer is infected with this virus, do not worry, in this guide you may find out how to remove SOLO ransomware and restore .SOLO files.


How to remove FilesLocker Ransomware and decrypt .locked files

FilesLocker is a dangerous crypto-virus, that is created with the purpose of blackmailing people. The virus is trying to infiltrate victim’s system with the help of trojans, botnets, exploits and infected spam emails attachments. When the virus successfully infiltrates user’s computer, it will immediately run its malicious processes and start the encryption procedure. It will use AES encryption algorithm to encipher all victim’s data, so that these files can not be used or accessed until they are decrypted. The decryption key may unlock all the data and that is exactly why cyber criminals will offer their deal – money in exchange for decryption key. The cost of decryption may be terrifically huge. In this particular case cyber crooks will demand for 1’152$ in BitCoins (0.18 BTC). Interesting fact – FilesLocker is targeting USA/Eu and Chinese users, there are two available languages for this ransomware: English and Chinese. If you got this virus on your computer, we recommend you to use our guide in order to remove FilesLocker ransomware and decrypt .locked files.


How to remove Safe Finder from Mac

Safe Finder is a rogue browser extension, that may be installed without your participation and take over your browser. This malware is categorized as a browser hijacker, that has only one purpose – generate revenue from advertisement (usually sponsored by third parties) and traffic. This malware is quite hard to handle manually, as the infection runs deep into your Mac. Once Safe Finder have infiltrated the system, it will modify search engine and change your homepage to its own without an authorization. More than that, Safe Finder is also able to redirect your Safari or Google Chrome browser (or any other browser) to shady and unsafe web pages, which is quite unpleasant as it may result in more malware infection of your Mac. In this article you may learn how to remove Safe Finder from Mac.


How to remove Ransomware and recover files. is yet another ransomware that was developed by cyber criminals who are in charge of Scarab ransomware family. This ransomware is spreading by using fake updaters, unprotected RDP configuration, fraudulent downloads and spam emails attachments, that’s why it is very important to have any kind of protection on a computer. The encoder is quite similar to others of its kind, once it is in a system, it will encipher the data and ask for money – ransom. This is the reason why this type of viruses are called ‘ransomware’. If you got this virus on your computer, we recommend you to use our guide in order to remove ransomware and decrypt files.


How to remove GANDCRAB 5.0.4 Ransomware and recover your files

GANDCRAB 5.0.4 – is the newest version of GANDCRAB 5 ransomware, that was released in October, 2018. It can be distributed by hacking through an unprotected RDP configuration, email spam and malicious attachments, fraudulent downloads, exploits, web injections, fake updates, repackaged and infected installers. GANDCRAB 5.0.4 ransomware is able to use encryption on all important files, then ask for money to decrypt. Use this guide to remove GANDCRAB 5.0.4 ransomware and decrypt GANDCRAB 5.0.4 files.


How to remove Waifu Ransomware and restore files

5/5 (3) What is Waifu ransomware Waifu ransomware is a new virus that was created by Dharma ransomware developers. Waifu ransomware may encrypt and turn into unreadable all the personal files of a victim....


How to remove GANDCRAB 5.0.3 Ransomware and recover your files

GANDCRAB V5.0.3 ransomware is a crypto-virus, that will encode all the files on a victim’s PC and blackmail for ransom money. It works quite the same way as any of its previous versions, like GANDCRAB V5.0 or GandCrab 4. Their scheme is to break into victim’s system, block anything that may stop the virus, do the encryption process, then ask for payment to fix the issue like they are offering some kind of legitimate service. The thing is, a lot of people do pay to cyber crooks, because encrypted files (all the photos, audios, videos, any type of documents and so on) can’t be used until they are decrypted. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where cyber criminals do not help their victims, even if they pay up. If your computer is infected, use this guide to remove GANDCRAB V5.0.3 ransomware and decrypt GANDCRAB V5.0.3 files.