How to remove White Rabbit ransomware

What is White Rabbit ransomware

decrypt .scrypt files

White Rabbit ransomware encrypts user`s personal data using the AES+RSA algorithm to restrict users from accessing sensitive files. White Rabbit virus usually blocks frequently used files, for example, MS Office documents, OpenOffice, PDF, text files, databases, photos, music, video, image files, archives. Then, ransomware adds the extension .scrypt to them, and then displays a .scrypt.txt note from the developers to force you to pay the ransom for files:

HELLO [redacted]
If you are reading this message, means that:
– your network infrastructures have been compromised,
– critical data has leaked,
– files are encrypted
┃ Welcome to the Ransom House ┃
┃ You are locked by ┃
┃ W H I T E R A B B I T ┃
┃ Knock, Knock. Follow the White Rabbit… ┃
┃ ┃
┃ (\(\ ┃
┃ (-.-) ┃
┃ (“)(“) ┃
┃ ┃
The best and only thing you can do is to contact us to settle the matter before any losses occurs.
Each note carries the encryption key
needed to decrypt the data,
don’t lose it
Renaming, copying or moving any files
could DAMAGE the cypher and
decryption will be impossible.
Trying to recover with any software
can also break the cipher and
file recovery will become a problem.
Boot and recovery errors can also damage the cipher.
Sorry about that, but doing so is entirely at your own risk.
Cooperating with the FBI|CIA and so on
and involving their officers in negotiations
will end our communication with you
and we will share all the leaked data for free.
The security of your IT perimeter has been compromised (it’s not perfect at all).
We encrypted your workstations and servers to make the fact of the intrusion visible and to prevent you from hiding critical data leaks.
We spent a lot of time for researching and finding out the most important directories of your business, your weak points.
We have already downloaded a huge amount of critical data and analyzed it. Now it’s fate is up to you, it will either be deleted or sold, or shared with the media.
– Databases, legal documents, billings, clients personal information, SSN…
– Audit reports
– Any financial documents (Statements, invoices, accounting, transfers etc.)
– work files and corporate correspondence
– Any backups
2.3 TO DO LIST (best practies)
– Contact us as soon as possible
– Contact us only in our chat, otherwise you can run into scammers.
– Purchase our decryption tool and decrypt your files. There is no other way to do this.
– Realize that dealing with us is the shortest way to the success and secrecy.
– Give up the idea of using decryption help programs, otherwise you will destroy the system permanently
– Avoid any third-party negotiators and recovery groups. They can allow the event to leak.
– After 4 days starting tomorrow your leaked data will be published or sold.
– We will also send the data to all interested supervisory organizations and the media.
– Decryption key will be deleted permanently and recovery will be impossible.
– Losses from the situation will be measured based on your annual budget
– You will get the Decryption Tool and the Manual how-to-use.
– You will get our guarantee and log of non-recovarable deletion of all your data.
– You will get the guarantee of secrecy and deletion of all traces of the deal in internet.
– You will get the security report on how to fix your security breaches.
4.2 DB sample:[redacted][redacted]
5.1 Download and install TOR Browser
5.2 Open our live-chat website at [redacted]
5.3 To review leaked data at temporarily server get the ftp access in our live chat
5.4 If the TOR Browser is restricted in your area then use VPN services
5.5 All your Data will be published in 4 Days in the case of silence on your side
5.6 Your Decryption keys will be permanently destroyed synchronous 5.5
5.7 Your Data will be published if you will hire third-party negotiators to contact us
6.1 The breaking of critical points of this offer will cause:
– deletion of your decryption keys
– immediate selling of your data
– in the case of non-selling we will publish your data for free
– notification of government supervision agencies, your competitors and clients
7. Encryption Key
[redacted 256 bytes base64]

Cybercriminals threaten to sell stolen data and personal information about victims if the ransom is not paid. If you do not want to take risks and trust scammers who do not provide any guarantee, then get rid of White Rabbit ransomware as soon as possible. It is possible to return files to their original form only by removing the pest, since while the virus is in the PC, the system settings are under the control of fraudsters.
There are 2 options for solving this problem. The first is to use an automatic removal utility that will remove the threat and all instances related to it. Moreover, it will save you time. Or you can use the Manual Removal Guide, but you should know that it might be very difficult to remove White Rabbitransomware manually without a specialist’s help.
If for any reason you need to recover deleted or lost files, then check out our article Top 5 Deleted File Recovery Software

White RabbitRemoval Guide

Warning alert
Remember that you need to remove White RabbitRansomware first and foremost to prevent further encryption of your files before the state of your data becomes totally useless. And only after that, you can start recovering your files. Removal must be performed according to the following steps:

  1. Download White RabbitRemoval Tool.
  2. Remove White Rabbitfrom Windows (7, 8, 8.1, Vista, XP, 10) or Mac OS (Run system in Safe Mode).
  3. Restore White Rabbitfiles
  4. How to protect PC from future infections.

How to remove White Rabbitransomware automatically:

Orientation: 1
I want to remove it

Norton is a powerful antivirus that protects you against malware, spyware, ransomware and other types of Internet threats. Norton is available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. We recommend you to try it.

If you’re Mac user – use this.

Manual White RabbitRemoval Guide

Here are step-by-step instructions to remove White Rabbitfrom Windows and Mac computers. Follow these steps carefully and remove files and folders belonging to White Rabbit . First of all, you need to run the system in a Safe Mode. Then find and remove needed files and folders.

Uninstall White Rabbitfrom Windows or Mac

Here you may find the list of confirmed related to the ransomware files and registry keys. You should delete them in order to remove virus, however it would be easier to do it with our automatic removal tool. The list:

White Rabbit .dll

Windows 7/Vista:

  1. Restart the computer;
  2. Press Settings button;
  3. Choose Safe Mode;
  4. Find programs or files potentially related to White Rabbit by using Removal Tool;
  5. Delete found files;

Windows 8/8.1:

  1. Restart the computer;
  2. Press Settings button;
  3. Choose Safe Mode;
  4. Find programs or files potentially related to White Rabbit by using Removal Tool;
  5. Delete found files;

Windows 10:

  1. Restart the computer;
  2. Press Settings button;
  3. Choose Safe Mode;
  4. Find programs or files potentially related to White Rabbit by using Removal Tool;
  5. Delete found files;

Windows XP:

  1. Restart the computer;
  2. Press Settings button;
  3. Choose Safe Mode;
  4. Find programs or files potentially related to HUDF by using Removal Tool;
  5. Delete found files;

Mac OS:

  1. Restart the computer;
  2. Press and Hold Shift button, before system will be loaded;
  3. Release Shift button, when Apple logo appears;
  4. Find programs or files potentially related to White Rabbit by using Removal Tool;
  5. Delete found files;

How to restore encrypted files

You can try to restore your files with special tools. You may find more detailed info on data recovery software in this article – recovery software. These programs may help you to restore files that were infected and encrypted by ransomware.

Restore data with Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is able to find and restore different types of encrypted files, including removed emails.

  1. Download and install Stellar Data Recovery
  2. Choose drives and folders with your data, then press Scan.
  3. Select all the files in a folder, then click on Restore button.
  4. Manage export location. That’s it!
Download Stellar Data Recovery


Aiseesoft Data Recovery

Download Aiseesoft Data Recovery Aiseesoft Data Recovery recovers deleted files (like photos, documents, emails, audio, video), and also recovers from a computer, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital cameras. Recover from accidental deletion, formatted partition, hard drive problem, RAW hard drive, computer crash

We hope this guide was helpful to you. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us what recovery software was (or wasn’t) effective in your case.

How to prevent ransomware infection?

It is always rewarding to prevent ransomware infection because of the consequences it may bring. There are a lot of difficulties in resolving issues with encoders viruses, that’s why it is very vital to keep a proper and reliable anti-ransomware software on your computer. In case you don’t have any, here you may find some of the best offers in order to protect your PC from disastrous viruses.


Orientation: 1
I want to remove it

SpyHunter is a reliable antimalware removal tool application, that is able to protect your PC and prevent the infection from the start. The program is designed to be user-friendly and multi-functional.

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