How to remove Desu ransomware and decrpyt .desu files

Desu ransomware is a crypto-virus, that will encode all the files on a victim’s PC and blackmail for ransom money. It works quite the same way as any other ransomware. Their scheme is to break into victim’s system, block anything that may stop the virus, do the encryption process, then ask for payment to fix the issue like they are offering some kind of legitimate service and some lifesavers. The thing is, a lot of people do pay to cyber crooks, because encrypted files (all the photos, audios, videos, any type of documents and so on) can’t be used until they are decrypted. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where cyber criminals do not help their victims, even if they pay up. If your computer is infected, learn how to remove Desu ransomware and decrypt .desu files in this user-friendly guide.

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