How to remove EvilLocker and decrypt .[].EVIL files

EvilLocker – is not a brand new virus, more than that – it is just a version of notorious Everbe ransomware. However the developers of these viruses are eager to go further and infect as many users as they can. The purpose is very simple – more victims, more profit. In order to infect more users cyber crooks drop new versions of EvilLocker ransomware – this one have different ransom note and file extension .[].EVIL. However, the way this new version works is quite the same as the old one. EvilLocker will use exploits, botnets, trojans, fake updaters and installers, spam email attachments to get into system. Once it is in a victim’s computer, it will encipher all the important files (documents, photos, videos etc.) and ask for money in order to decrypt them. Let us warn you – there is no guarantee that cyber criminals will help you after the payment. If you have this crypto-virus on your computer, use this guide to remove EvilLocker ransomware and restore .EvilLocker files.

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