How to remove FilesLocker Ransomware and decrypt .locked files

FilesLocker is a dangerous crypto-virus, that is created with the purpose of blackmailing people. The virus is trying to infiltrate victim’s system with the help of trojans, botnets, exploits and infected spam emails attachments. When the virus successfully infiltrates user’s computer, it will immediately run its malicious processes and start the encryption procedure. It will use AES encryption algorithm to encipher all victim’s data, so that these files can not be used or accessed until they are decrypted. The decryption key may unlock all the data and that is exactly why cyber criminals will offer their deal – money in exchange for decryption key. The cost of decryption may be terrifically huge. In this particular case cyber crooks will demand for 1’152$ in BitCoins (0.18 BTC). Interesting fact – FilesLocker is targeting USA/Eu and Chinese users, there are two available languages for this ransomware: English and Chinese. If you got this virus on your computer, we recommend you to use our guide in order to remove FilesLocker ransomware and decrypt .locked files.

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