How to remove Cucullate (Mac)

Cucullate is a type of malware that targets Mac computers. It is often disguised as a legitimate software or application and can be unknowingly downloaded by users when they visit compromised websites or open malicious email attachments. Once installed, Cucullate can gather sensitive data, such as login credentials and banking information, from the affected system. It can also provide hackers with remote access to the infected computer, allowing them to take control and perform a range of malicious activities. The infection process of Cucullate typically begins when users download and install a malicious application that contains the malware. This can happen when users are tricked into clicking on a fake update or software download link. Once the malicious application is installed, Cucullate activates and starts its data collection process. In some cases, Cucullate can also exploit vulnerabilities in the system or use social engineering techniques to gain administrative privileges, which can increase its control over the system and make it more difficult to detect and remove.

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