How to remove DefaultOptimization (Mac)

DefaultOptimization is a type of potentially unwanted program (PUP) that can infect Mac computers. This program typically enters a Mac system through software bundling, where it is included as an additional component in the installation package of another software. Once installed, DefaultOptimization may start displaying intrusive pop-up ads, redirecting web browsers to sponsored websites, and collecting user data without consent. It can also slow down the performance of the infected Mac and make it more vulnerable to other malware attacks.

To prevent DefaultOptimization from infecting a Mac, users should be cautious when downloading and installing software from the internet. It is important to only download programs from trusted sources and to carefully read through the installation process to avoid inadvertently installing additional unwanted programs. Additionally, keeping the Mac’s operating system and security software up to date can help protect against potential threats like DefaultOptimization. If DefaultOptimization is already present on a Mac, users can try to remove it by running a reputable antivirus program or using manual removal methods.

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