How to remove DominantGeneration (Mac)

DominantGeneration is a type of malware that targets Mac computers. It operates as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that infiltrates the system without the user’s consent. Once installed, DominantGeneration performs various malicious activities, such as displaying intrusive advertisements, redirecting web browser searches, and tracking the user’s online activities.

One way DominantGeneration infects Mac computers is through software bundles. It often disguises itself as a legitimate application and gets bundled with popular software that users download from unofficial or untrustworthy sources. As users install the desired program, DominantGeneration secretly installs itself alongside, without their knowledge. Another method is through deceptive online ads or pop-ups that trick users into clicking on them, leading to the download and installation of the malware.

Once infected, DominantGeneration can significantly disrupt the user’s browsing experience by flooding the screen with unwanted ads, causing browser crashes, or slowing down the system. It also often collects sensitive user information, such as browsing habits, IP addresses, and login credentials, which can pose a significant threat to privacy and security. Therefore, it is crucial to have reliable antivirus software installed and regularly update the operating system to protect against such malware infections.

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