How to remove Kraken Cryptor and decrypt .onion files

Kraken Cryptor is a ransomware, that will encode all the personal files with AES-128/256 (CBC mode), RSA, Salsa20, RC4 encryption algorithms and ask for 0.25 BTC (~1650$) ransom cost in order to decode the encrypted data. The encryption will make any file inaccessible and the fact is that Kraken Cryptor, as any other ransomware from the global net, will target vitally important files like all sorts of documents, photos, videos, audio files and so on. If your computer is infected with this virus and all your files are encrypted with .onion extension, do not contact cyber crooks as it will lead you into big money loss. However, you may use this guide to remove Kraken Cryptor and decrypt .onion files.

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