How to remove Payment Refund Commission (PRC) pop-ups

Payment Refund Commission (PRC) is a term used to describe a fee that is charged by financial institutions or payment processors for processing refunds. When a customer requests a refund for a payment that was made through a credit card or other electronic payment method, the payment processor may charge a commission for processing the refund. This fee is typically deducted from the refund amount before it is returned to the customer.

Payment Refund Commission (PRC) may appear in browsers when customers are viewing their transaction history or account details online. This information is typically provided by the payment processor or financial institution to give customers transparency about the fees and charges associated with their transactions. By showing the PRC in browsers, customers can see how much of their refund amount is being deducted as a commission, helping them understand the total amount they will receive back. Overall, Payment Refund Commission (PRC) is a common practice in the financial industry to cover the costs of processing refunds and ensure that payment processors are compensated for their services.

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