How to remove PC HelpSoft Driver Updater

PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is a system optimization tool designed to manage your computer’s drivers. It operates as an automated tool that scans your computer to identify outdated or missing drivers, subsequently updating them to improve the system’s performance and stability. This software claims to significantly enhance your PC’s functionality by ensuring its drivers are up-to-date, thereby reducing system crashes and improving overall performance. However, despite its utility-focused facade, PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is often categorized as potentially unwanted software (PUS). This categorization is due to its intrusive behavior, as it frequently lands on computer systems without the user’s explicit consent. It mainly infects computers through bundling, a marketing strategy used by many free software providers. In this strategy, the PC HelpSoft Driver Updater comes as an additional package or a ‘recommended application’ alongside another software that the user intends to download. As a result, it often gets installed unbeknownst to the user, leading to unwanted changes in the system. Furthermore, once installed, it tends to perform automatic system scans and generate alarming results concerning outdated drivers, compelling the user to purchase its full version for driver updates. This invasive behavior and the deceptive scare tactics used to encourage purchases are key reasons why PC HelpSoft Driver Updater is often deemed undesirable.

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