How to remove Queryquickly Search

Queryquickly Search is a type of adware that affects computers and web browsers. It is a potentially unwanted program that infiltrates the system without the user’s consent and displays intrusive advertisements. Once installed, Queryquickly Search modifies browser settings such as the homepage, default search engine, and new tab page to redirect users to its own search engine or sponsored websites. This adware generates revenue for its developers through pay-per-click advertising, as users are forced to view and click on the displayed ads.

Queryquickly Search typically infects computers through deceptive techniques such as software bundling. It often comes bundled with free software that users download from unreliable sources. When users install these programs, they unknowingly also install Queryquickly Search. Additionally, it may spread through malicious websites, spam emails, or fake software updates. Once installed, Queryquickly Search gains control over the browser settings, making it difficult for users to remove it manually. It may also collect browsing data and personal information to deliver more targeted ads, further compromising the user’s privacy and security.

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