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How to remove Premier Opinion

Premier Opinion is an adware program developed by VoiceFive Inc for hijacking web browsers and displays ads and saving coupons. It helps publisher to make money from your clicks on promoted stuff.


How to remove FVP Image Viewer

VP Image Viewer is a rogue web-browser application for zooming images on websites. It can be installed on major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. While this application is quite handy, it uses monetizing scheme that most of people find annoying and unwanted addition to free programs they download.


How to remove Gaming Wonderland

Gaming Wonderland is a wide-spread adware which claims to allow user to play videogames at browsers. Gaming Wonderland adware is responsible for ads displayed in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. It is not a virus, but it can suddenly appear in your web browser because the installation might be deceptive.


How to remove QuizScope

No ratings yet. What is QuizScope QuizScope adware is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) responsible for ads, deals, coupons, and pop-ups displayed in your Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This happens if QuizScope adware...


How to remove Easy Speed Test Access

Easy Speed Test Access – is a web-browser extension, which is created by Yontoo Technology Inc. It can be installed on many browsers, for example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Authors of this extension claim, that Easy Speed Test Access allows user to test user’s Net Speed.