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How to recover data on Mac

How to recover data on Mac In this age of high technology, we store vitally important data on our computers. Precious family photos and videos or essential working documents – this data is safe...


Chrome starts Windows Installer. How to fix?

Chrome starts Windows Installer, but why? There are a lot of users who are trying to find a solution of this problem. The main reason of this issue is Cumulative update for Windows 10 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4284385). Most of users with this problems have reported that Windows Installer window started to appear right after the Update. The biggest problem of this error is that a user can’t gain access to Google Chrome, because after few seconds of browsing Windows Installer window will pop-up, and there is nothing to do about it, the only way to close this window is to close whole Google Chrome.


How to fix Windows 10 stuck at “Choose your keyboard layout” screen

While the upgrade is running, Windows restarts to a screen that leave you to “Choose your keyboard layout”. From this point, you may choose to use troubleshooting options, but they would not actually help you. For instance, if you decide to make a Windows Rollback, then whole process will repeat. First of all, do not worry, a lot of people have the same issue and there are few solutions to this problem, just try one of our methods. You can find helpful instructions and programs to help you to resolve issue with “Choose your keyboard layout” screen.