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How to remove GANDCRAB V3 and decrypt .CRAB files

GANDCRAB V3 is a newest version of notorious and very dangerous GandCrab ransomware. The previous version of it – GandCrab-2 – is still out there, infecting users all around the world. It appears that the developers of this virus won’t stop producing these ransomware threats for a long time. Interesting fact – there are reports that these cyber criminals operate from Romania. Among the distributors of the ransomware there are those who know the Russian language. GANDCRAB V3 will encrypt all the personal files on victim’s computer using AES-256 (CBC mode) + RSA-2048 encryption algorithm. In this article you may learn how to remove GANDCRAB V3 and decrypt .CRAB files.


How to Remove GandCrab2 Ransomware and decrypt .CRAB files

GandCrab2 is a new notorious ransomware, that is distributed quite largely around the world. This virus is encrypting all the personal and sensitive files, which means a victim can’t open or access them anymore until the files are decrypted. Once the files are encrypted, GandCrab2 Ransomware will demand to pay ransom in order to decrypt files, this is stated in ransom note CRAB-DECRYPT.txt. The cost of it is really large. Warning! If your files are encrypted by GandCrab2 ransomware, we recommend not to waste your time and money – do not pay for decryption, because cyber criminals are not going to help anyone. Still, you may remove GandCrab2 ransomware and decrypt .GandCrab2 files without paying anything.