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How to recover data on Mac

How to recover data on Mac In this age of high technology, we store vitally important data on our computers. Precious family photos and videos or essential working documents – this data is safe...


Top 3 File Recovery Software

There are a lot of important files on any user’s computer. However, despite the fact that storing files on a PC is quite safe and handy, there are also many ways to lose your data in a matter of minutes. Viruses, system problems, accidental mistake – all these factors can result in data loss. Many IT experts state that everybody should keep a backup of important files, but not all users do that. That is why there is such a thing as recovery software. In this article we will consider 3 programs that will help you to recover your lost data or restore encrypted files (encoded by ransomware virus).


.Encrypted ransomware. How to recover files?

CryptoLite is a crypto-virus, that is able to run encryption process on all important files. When the encoding procedure is done, a victim will not be able to open any of the infected files – MS Office documents, PDF, photos, videos, audio files and so on. To decrypt these files cyber criminals who are in charge of CryptoLite ransomware will ask a victim to pay big sum of money. By the way, let us warn you – there is not guarantees that these people will help a victim after the payment of a ransom. In case you got your computer infected with this virus, use this instructions in order to remove CryptoLite ransomware and decrypt .encrypted files.