How to remove Meduza ransomware and decrypt .[].meduza files

Meduza ransomware is a new crypto-virus, that was reported on July 9, 2018. Meduza ransomware is trying to sneak into a victim’s computer by using malicious spam email attachments (never open attachments from suspicious emails!) and malicious macros in the Microsoft Office Suite. Then the ransomware will generate temporary files in the AppData directory and use AES encryption algorithm on a victim’s data. Once the encoding process is over, a victim will find out that the files can’t be opened anymore: work documents, any other texts, presentations, photos, videos, databases. Cyber criminals will offer their service in order to decrypt victim’s files. If you got your PC infected with this virus, use this guide to remove Meduza ransomware and decrypt [].meduza files.

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