How to remove GANDCRAB V4 ransomware and decrypt .KRAB files

GANDCRAB V4 is the newest version of GandCrab ransomware. The previous versions of this dangerous virus were disastrous and have spread all around the world. Thousands of users got their computers infected with this terrible encoder. GandCrab is so far one of the biggest ransomware threats, that’s why it is so important to protect yourself with a proper anti-virus software or do some backups of your data. When GANDCRAB V4 sneak into victim’s computer, it will start encryption procedure, then encode all the important files (documents, photos, videos) with AES-256 (CBC mode) and RSA-2048 encryption algorythm. If your computer is infected, use this guide in order to remove GANDCRAB V4 ransomware and decrypt .KRAB files.

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