How to remove MouseOption (Mac)

MouseOption is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that affects Mac computers. It is categorized as adware, which means it generates intrusive advertisements and redirects users to sponsored websites. MouseOption is typically installed on a Mac system without the user’s knowledge or consent. It often comes bundled with other freeware or shareware applications that users download from untrustworthy sources. Once installed, MouseOption modifies browser settings and injects various advertisements into web pages, causing disruptions and interfering with the user’s browsing experience.

MouseOption infects Mac computers through deceptive distribution methods. It commonly piggybacks on free software installers, hiding in the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation options. Users who rush through the installation process and choose the default or recommended settings may unknowingly grant permission for MouseOption to be installed alongside the desired software. Additionally, clicking on malicious ads or visiting unsafe websites can also lead to MouseOption infection. Once inside the system, MouseOption starts displaying intrusive ads, causing browser redirects, and collecting browsing data to deliver targeted advertisements. These activities not only compromise the user’s privacy but also slow down the computer’s performance and make it vulnerable to other malware infections.

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