How to remove Neoreklami

Neoreklami is a type of adware that is designed to display advertisements on a user’s computer. These ads can appear in various forms, such as pop-ups, banners, or in-text ads, and are often disruptive and annoying for the user. Neoreklami may also track the user’s browsing habits and collect information about their online activities in order to display targeted advertisements.

Neoreklami typically infects computers through bundled software downloads, where the adware is included as an additional component in the installation process. Users may unknowingly agree to install Neoreklami when they download and install free software from unreliable sources. Once installed, Neoreklami can modify browser settings, inject ads into web pages, and collect user data without their consent. Users should be cautious when downloading software from the internet and always opt for custom installation to avoid unwanted adware like Neoreklami.

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