How to remove Nozelesn ransomware and decrypt .nozelesn files

Nozelesn ransomware is a newest virus, that came out in the beginning of July, 2018. The virus itself have no unique features – it is encoder, that encipher all the important files on a user’s computer, including MS Office documents, OpenOffice, PDF, text files, databases, photos, music, video, image files, archives and so on. Once the encoding process is finished, the virus will state the demands of cyber criminals, who created it. It appears that a user can’t make use of any encrypted data, that’s why people get blackmailed and pay their money (in this particular case, cyber criminals demand for ~ 655$ in BitCoins), so that they can get their files back. But we strongly recommend not to invest into this criminal scheme, as there is no guarantee that cyber criminals will make their part of the deal. Don’t waste such big sum of money. Here you may instructions on how to remove Nozelesn ransomware and decrypt .nozelesn files without paying anything.

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