How to remove is a type of adware—a software program that displays unwanted advertisements on your computer. This type of malicious software is often bundled with other free software products and is installed when these products are downloaded and installed. The purpose of is to display ads and sponsored links in your web browser, redirect your browser to advertising websites, and collect search terms from your search queries. It may also change your browser’s homepage and default search engine to

The adware usually infects computers through freeware or shareware. These are software that you can download for free, but they often come bundled with other unwanted software like The installation of these bundled software is often hidden in the custom or advanced settings of the installation process. Once installed, the adware begins to display intrusive ads and pop-ups. It can also hijack your browser, leading to unwanted redirects, changes to your browser settings, and potentially exposing your system to further malware. It’s important to be cautious when downloading free software and to always choose the custom installation to avoid unwanted programs.

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