How to remove Popup Blocker

Popup Blocker adware is a type of malicious software that is designed to display unwanted advertisements in the form of pop-up windows on a user’s computer. It masquerades as a legitimate program that claims to block pop-up ads and improve the user’s browsing experience. However, once installed, Popup Blocker adware starts generating numerous pop-up ads, which can be highly intrusive and disruptive.

Popup Blocker adware primarily infects computers through deceptive techniques such as bundled software, fake software updates, and malicious email attachments. It often comes bundled with freeware or shareware programs that users download from untrusted sources. When the user installs the desired program, the adware also gets installed silently without their knowledge. Another common method of infection is through fake software updates or downloads that prompt users to install the adware disguised as a legitimate update. Additionally, clicking on malicious email attachments or visiting compromised websites can also lead to the installation of Popup Blocker adware. Once infected, the adware modifies the browser settings to display numerous pop-up ads, severely impacting the user’s browsing experience and potentially exposing them to further security risks.

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