How to remove is a rogue website known for deceptive content and malicious activities. It is designed to trick users into enabling its browser notifications. Once a user lands on the website, it displays a fake captcha verification or video loading screen to persuade users to click the ‘Allow’ button for notifications. By doing so, users inadvertently grant the site permission to send push notifications directly to their desktop or device, potentially exposing their systems to harmful content. is not limited to infecting a specific type of browser or device; it can affect a variety of browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, on both desktop and mobile platforms. The notifications sent by the site can lead to untrustworthy web pages, which may contain malicious software or misleading ads. These can potentially lead to additional malware infections or unwanted software installations, compromising the security and performance of the affected device. To avoid such threats, it is recommended to be cautious while granting permissions to unfamiliar websites, and to use reliable security software for protection.

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