How to remove the fake Hyperliquid trading platform pop-ups

The fake Hyperliquid trading platform is a fraudulent website designed to mimic the appearance and functionality of the legitimate Hyperliquid trading platform. These fake platforms often appear in browsers through malicious advertisements, phishing emails, or through deceptive links on other websites. Once a user lands on the fake platform, they may be prompted to enter their personal information, such as login credentials or financial details, which can then be stolen by cybercriminals.

The purpose of the fake Hyperliquid trading platform is to deceive users into believing they are accessing a legitimate trading platform in order to steal sensitive information or financial assets. These fake platforms often have convincing designs and use tactics to lure users into providing their information, such as promising high returns or exclusive offers. It is important for users to be cautious when interacting with online platforms and to verify the legitimacy of any website before entering personal information.

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