How to remove is a malicious website that infects computers by tricking users into allowing browser notifications. The website uses social engineering techniques to persuade users to click on the “Allow” button, claiming that they need to do so to access content or verify that they are not a robot. Once the permission is granted, can deliver unwanted browser notifications to the user’s device, displaying ads, fake alerts, and other malicious content. exploits browser notifications by constantly bombarding users with pop-ups that redirect them to other harmful websites or promote dubious products and services. These notifications can be very annoying and disruptive, making it difficult for users to browse the internet without being interrupted. can infect various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, and it can target devices running on Windows, Mac, or Android operating systems. Users should be cautious when visiting unfamiliar websites and avoid clicking on suspicious pop-ups or granting unnecessary permissions to prevent their devices from being infected by

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