How to remove WELL Earn Eligibility pop-ups

WELL Earn Eligibility is a term that refers to the eligibility criteria set by the WELL Health organization for users to participate in their WELL Earn program. The WELL Earn program allows users to earn rewards by browsing the internet and engaging with online content. To be eligible for this program, users need to meet certain requirements specified by WELL Health.

WELL Earn Eligibility may appear in browsers to inform users about the criteria they need to fulfill in order to participate in the program. When users encounter this message, it means that they are being evaluated for eligibility based on factors such as their location, age, and browsing habits. The purpose of this eligibility check is to ensure that users meet the predetermined requirements set by the organization. By displaying this message, users are informed about the program’s availability and the conditions they need to meet to be considered eligible for earning rewards through their online activities.

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