How to remove Word Online Extension Is Not Installed pop-ups

Word Online Extension Is Not Installed is a message that appears in web browsers when users try to access Microsoft Word documents using the online version of Word (Word Online) without having the necessary browser extension installed. The browser extension enables users to view, edit, and collaborate on Word documents directly in the browser without having to download the document or open it in the desktop version of Word. Without the extension installed, users may encounter limitations or errors when trying to access Word documents online.

The Word Online Extension Is Not Installed message may appear in browsers for a variety of reasons, such as when users try to open a Word document that requires the extension to be installed, or when the extension has been disabled or removed from the browser. Installing the Word Online extension is a simple process that can be done through the browser’s extension store or by following the instructions provided by Microsoft. Once the extension is installed, users should be able to access and work on Word documents seamlessly in the browser.

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