How to remove XiaoBa 2.0 Ransomware and decrypt .XIAOBA files

XiaoBa 2.0 ransomware is a crypto-virus, that has developed from an older version of XiaoBa ransomware. The virus is encrypting all victim’s data and ask for money to decode them so that a victim may use these files again. Interesting fact: the developers of XiaoBa 2.0 ransomware have truly worldwide ambitions – their ransom note contains 20 available languages, including Chinese as the first one (possibly means that cyber criminals operate from China), English, German, Russian. This ransomware is trying to infiltrate victim’s system by using fake Adobe Flash Player installer, it may also use variety of methods like spam emails attachments, botnets, fraud downloads and so on. In case you have this virus on your computer, you can use this guide to remove XiaoBa 2.0 Ransomware and decrypt .XIAOBA files.

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