How to remove KillRabbit ransomware and decrypt .killrabbit files

KillRabbit is a crypto-virus, that was created by cyber crooks to generate profit on a brute blackmail. This is the reason why ransomware viruses are so popular amongst cyber criminals, because their victims have to pay for what they are valuing. The encryption is used on photos, videos, audios, text files, documents. It might be something of a personal value or important work data. Once the files are encrypted, cyber crooks ask for money – in this case it is 345$ – to decode these files, because enciphered data can not be used or accessed in any possible way. If you have this ransomware on your computer, we recommend you not to invest into this criminal scheme, as there are no such thing as some kind of guarantee when you communicate with the people who are responsible for the ransomware distribution. You may learn how to remove KillRabbit and restore .gameover files in this article.

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