How to remove AccessibleTool (Mac)

AccessibleTool is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that targets Mac operating systems. It is categorized as adware, which means it primarily focuses on displaying intrusive and unwanted advertisements to the affected users. AccessibleTool often enters the system through software bundling, where it is bundled with legitimate software downloads and installed without the user’s consent or knowledge. Once installed, AccessibleTool modifies the browser settings and injects various advertisements into webpages, search results, and pop-up windows. These ads can be highly disruptive, leading to a degraded browsing experience, slower system performance, and potential privacy risks.

To infect a Mac system, AccessibleTool takes advantage of deceptive techniques such as software bundling. This means that when users download and install legitimate software from untrustworthy sources, AccessibleTool is secretly included in the installation package. It often disguises itself as a useful tool or an extension, tricking users into allowing its installation. Once inside the system, AccessibleTool modifies browser settings, such as the default search engine and homepage, to redirect the user to specific websites and display targeted advertisements. It can also track the user’s online activities, collecting sensitive information such as browsing habits, search queries, and personal data, which can then be sold to third-party advertisers or used for other malicious purposes. Overall, AccessibleTool compromises the user’s privacy and disrupts their online experience.

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