Category: Adware


How to remove JollyWallet Adware

JollyWallet – is a deceptive program, which offers saving coupons, deals offered by business partners and some functions related to online sales. This adware is often installed without users permission.


How to remove Pop-ups – is a common website, which creates ads for displaying at users browser via special programs and modules. Such programs can be installed on PC using bundling, then it infect installed browsers.


How to remove RevContent Adware

RevContent – is a web-browser add-on, which claims to improve popular internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) by adding various functions.


How to remove RightCoupon Adware

RightCoupon – is a deceptive web-browser add-on, which is created by cyber crooks. It can infect many internet browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. It is classified as adware, because of displaying various advertising.


How to remove Froovr Adware

Froovr adware – is a delusive PUP (potentially unwanted program) responsible for ads, deals, coupons, and pop-ups displayed in installed web-browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


How to remove Traffic Exchange Adware

Traffic Exchange – is a legitimate add-on for popular web-browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, that claims to improve browsers by adding different functions.


How to remove HotShoppy Adware (mac)

HotShoppy – is a delusive web-browser software, which claims that user can get free coupons and sales while shopping online, also user will get online notifications about sales.


How to remove Spigot virus

Spigot – is a common ad-supported software, which claims to improve web-browsers by adding different functions. It supports major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Edge with Internet Explorer.


How to remove RocketTab

RocketTab – is a delusive and internet-browser application, which acts like a good software. But there is one problem, it is classified as malicious program. Why? Read it at our article.


How to remove My Safe Savings

My Safe Savings – is a sneaky and deceptive software, which is classified as adware and can be installed without users permission. It hijacks installed browsers and starts to display ads (banners, pop-ups, videos).