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How to remove Fire Ransomware and decrypt .fire files

Fire – is a new ransomware, that is developed by very cyber criminals from Dharma ransomware group. They’ve become very active this year as they keep releasing new encoders. The virus is extremely dangerous for any system, it will encrypt all the files on the computer and demand for ransom. The cost of it is quite big, if your computer is infected with Fire ransomware, you should not pay for decryption of your files, because cyber criminals are not going to help anyone. Still, you may remove Fire ransomware and decrypt .Fire files without paying anything.


How to remove Seon Ransomware and decrypt .FIXT files

Seon – is a ransomware, that was detected in November, 2018. Regarding the virus mechanic, Seon will encrypt all the important files and force a user to pay big sum of money in order to decrypt these files. If your computer is infected with Seon ransomware, we should warn you that there is no guarantee that cyber criminals will decrypt your files after the payment. Still, you may use this instruction to remove Seon Ransomware and restore .FIXT files.


How to remove Argus Cryptor V1.0 and decrypt .ARGUS files

Argus Cryptor V1.0 is a dangerous crypto-virus, that is created with the purpose of blackmailing people. The virus is trying to infiltrate victim’s system with the help of trojans, botnets, exploits and infected spam emails attachments. When the virus successfully infiltrates user’s computer, it will immediately run its malicious processes and start the encryption procedure. It will use AES encryption algorithm to encipher all victim’s data, so that these files can not be used or accessed until they are decrypted.


How to remove is a browser hijacker, that may look like a legit browser extension to some users, but don’t let the appearance fool you. Though this application is not quite dangerous for your system, it may still become your headache. will change your homepage and search engine without your consent. Modified search engine will display a lot of third-party advertisement. This extension will also collect your personal data, like search and browsing history. In this article you may learn how to remove redirect.


How to remove M@r1a Ransomware and decrypt .mariacbc files

M@r1a is a new ransomware, that came out in the beginning of November, 2018. M@r1a will encrypt victim’s data with AES encryption algorithms, then ask for money in exchange for decoding. In most cases ransomware viruses use vulnerabilities of system: trojans, botnets, exploits, infected spam emails attachments – all these tools may be used to infect your computer. This ransomware will add .mariacbc extension. If your files are enciphered, you may use this guide in order to remove M@r1a ransomware and decrypt .mariacbc files.


How to decrypt .CRYPT files and remove ransomware

.CRYPT – is a ransomware virus, which means it may cause a lot of headache to any user. In case you are reading this article just because of curiosity – we strongly recommend you not to open any shady spam emails with attachments and keep a proper anti-virus application on your computer. The ransomware can be distributed by hacking through an unprotected RDP configuration, email spam and malicious attachments, fraudulent downloads, exploits, web injections, fake updates, repackaged and infected installers. CRYPT ransomware is able to use encryption on all important files. You can use this guide to remove .CRYPT ransomware and decrypt .CRYPT files.


How to remove Desktop Ransomware and decrypt Lock. files

Desktop – is a ransomware, that can make all the data on a victim’s computer encrypted. This virus have been started to spread at the start of November, 2018. When the encryption process is finished, ransomware will demand for money in order to decode all the files. Most of common file types are endangered by Desktop ransomware, which means all photos, videos, documents and so on are in a perilous predicament. If your computer is infected with Desktop ransomware, we recommend you not to pay anything to these cyber criminals, as there is no guarantee that they will ever respond you. Still, you may use this guide to remove Desktop ransomware and decrypt Lock. files.


How to remove GlobeImposter 2.0 Ransomware and decrypt .docx files

GlobeImposter 2.0 – is an old and notorious ransomware that was quite disastrous some time ago. For now the developers of this ransomware are trying to come into spotlight once again (and of course earn some dirty money). They did some little changes in the virus. We may see new ransom note and extension they use in encryption. GlobeImposter 2.0 will try to find a way into a victim’s system by using fraudulent downloads, botnets, spam emails attachments (don’t ever open them!). When the virus is in a victim’s system, it will start encrypting procedure and encode all the important files (any type of documents, photos, videos, audio files), then ask for money for decryption. A user can’t use the files until they are decrypted, that’s why a lot of their victims pay for the decryption. We recommend you not to pay cyber crooks as it may result in big money loss, the people behind ransomware viruses are usually ignore their victims. Still, you can remove GlobeImposter 2.0 ransomware and decrypt .docx files without paying anything.


How to remove Similar Photo Cleaner from MacBook

Similar Photo Cleaner is a potentially unwanted program, that may be installed without user’s permission. Some users may also download and install Similar Photo Cleaner intentionally, because the program claims to remove multiple copies of similar photos, pictures or selfies by using automated configurations. The developers advertise this product as a “free space optimizer”, however, the truth is that this application is completely useless for any Mac user, as it was developed with one simple purpose – to get as much money as it is possible for absolutely unneeded program. And the most important part about it – Similar Photo Cleaner is only imitating the process, there are no thousands of copied pictures on your Mac, the program just randomly generates different paths and directions to confuse you. In this guide, we will explain how to remove Similar Photo Cleaner and why you should remove it.


How to remove Сrypt888 ransomware and decrypt .crypt888 files

Сrypt888 is a virus, that was developed on the basis of HiddenTear ransomware. It will encipher vulnerable data like images, audios, texts, documents (you may find more detailed list of vulnerable to this ransomware files below) and blackmail a victim. Cyber crooks will offer their “decryption” service in exchange for ransom in BitCoins. If you have this crypto-virus on your computer, use this guide to remove Сrypt888 ransomware and restore .Сrypt888 files without paying anything.