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How to remove Reimage Repair

Reimage Repair – is a deceptive software, that claims to improve user’s computer and operation system. What does Reimage Repair offer? It offers system error scan, which helps to find Windows errors and solve problems with those errors.


How to remove Chromium

No ratings yet. What is Chromium Chromium – is the open-source web-browser, that can be used and edited by any developer. There are so many versions of Chromium, some of them add player to...


How to remove redirect

No ratings yet. What is – is a well-known website with search engine, which is created by Yahoo company. Many malicious redirect programs redirect user to to make an illusion, that...


How to remove Locky ransomware and decrypt .locky files

Locky – is a crypto-ransomware, that may appear at user’s PC via e-mail attachments. Such mails have provocative messages, this is why users open attached documents and got infected. As many crypto-ransomware, after infecting Locky starts to encrypt files and documents.