How to write French CV

Resume is your calling card when looking for a job. Your chances of getting the desired position largely depend on how competently it will be drawn up. In this article, we will guide you on how to write a great FRENCH cv.

resume in french

French CV structure

Renseignements personnels (personal data)

In the title you need to indicate your surname and first name in large print, you do not need to write the word “resume” or “CV”. In the upper left upper part, you should specify the following details:

  1. – Date of birth (Date de naissance);
  2. – Marital status (Сélibataire / marié (e));
  3. – City, country of residence;
  4. – Phone number (Tél);
  5. – E-mail address (E-mail.

french resume

Also, your photo will be useful to get to know you better. However, photo must be taken in a business style.

french cv

Formation (education)

In this section, you write down your education: the full name of the educational institution, faculty, specialty, your qualification level, city and country. Education (Formation) is filled with the indication of the period of study, starting with the most recent.

Expérience professionelle (work experience)

At this point you need to provide information about your professional experience. Work experience or internship is listed from the most recent to the very first. Indicate the period of work, position held, company, city, country.

expérience professionelle

Under each work experience, indicate the duties to be performed, what skills you have mastered in previous jobs. You can indicate in this section industrial practice, internship, part-time work, freelancing, participation in projects related to the applied position.
Employers are looking at the language proficiency section just as closely. Indicate the foreign languages ​​that you speak and the level of proficiency according to generally accepted international standards. Please note that if you know a language below the basic level, do not write about it in your resume , also you need to indicate the level of French proficiency for your resume.
Both scales can be used to describe proficiency in French, but the international one is preferable.

French proficiency scale

Débutant (F1)

Pré-Intermédiaire (F2)

Intermédiaire (F3)

Intermédiaire-Supérieur (F4)

Pré-Avancé (F5)

Avancé (F6)

Avancé-Supérieur (F7)

Supérieur (F8)

International Proficiency Scale

A1, Survival level

A2, Pre-threshold level

B1, Threshold level

B2, Threshold advanced level

C1, Proficiency

C2, Mastery

Aptitudes personnelles (personal qualities)

It’s best to include this in your cover letter, not on your resume. However, if your resume contains little or no work experience related to the specialty, describing your qualities will help the employer better understand who he is hiring. At the same time, you will need to find a balance between a laudatory ode to yourself and excessive modesty. We recommend that you try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes and think about what qualities a candidate for this position should have. For example, initiative and ambition are indispensable qualities for a development manager, but for an accountant, attentiveness and perseverance are more important.

Follow these writing guidelines and get the perfect French resume!

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